Welcome employers, friends, and random people of the internet!  I intend to use this page as a list of links to things that I have made, or have helped make, as well as links for employers.  I will be updating it as I add new videos and web pages.  When I do add something, chances are it will go near top of the list, probably just under LinkedIn.



Paul Kankiewicz Resume 2017-05-29.pdf

Paul Kankiewicz Resume 2017-05-29.doc



LinkedIn Profile


Middle-earth: Shadow of War:

Story Trailer:

Open World Trailer:

Announce Trailer:


Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

The Bright Lord DLC:

Lord of the Hunt DLC:

E3 CG Trailer:


Sound Programming:

Simple FPS:

Mountainous Snow Environment:


Basic Framework Engine (Solo project, C++):





Game AI (C++):

A* Pathfinding:


3D Graphics Programming (C++/OpenGL):

Soft Shadow Mapping:

Reflection / Refraction:

Bump Mapping:


Shapes Using Vertex Arrays


Junior Year Game (C++):

Autonomous Gold

Autonomous Pre-Gold


Sophomore Year Game (C++):

Barrel Bros


Children of Darkness – Pre-DigiPen Game (RPG Maker XP.  10+ hours of gameplay):

Intro Cutscene

A Few Bosses

A Few Puzzles

Random Other Stuff


Freshman Year Game (C++):

The Legendary Sword Playthrough Part 1

The Legendary Sword Playthrough Part 2


Obstacle Avoidance (Assembly programming):

Early testing

Late Testing

Final – Obstacle Course

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