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Eight Button Game (Unity)

I was bored one day, so I decided to make the eight button from The Stanley Parable in Unity.  My remake of the eight button game is chock-full of exciting gameplay that will keep you occupied for hours on end!  You can download and play the web version here:




Or simply watch the extremely entertaining gameplay footage here:


Quest Complete: Get a Job as a Game Developer

Achievement Unlocked - Foot in the door


I did it!  I got a job working as a contracted design production assistant.  I’m technically contracted to WB Games, but I’m doing work for Monolith.  Next step: Work my way up to an FTE position!

Fantastic Game Development Tutorials

I’ve been doing tons of research on video game development lately.  In particular, research on video game programming and design.  I thought I’d share a link to some very interesting articles/tutorials that I found:

Mountainous Environment in Unity

I decided to continue my work in Unity by making a snowy mountainous environment.  Here is a video:

And here are some screenshots:






Adventures in Unity – Simple FPS

I took a bit of a break from programming my 2D engine to try out Unity.  This video shows my progress after about 12 hours with Unity.  Before setting out to do this, I had only spent a few hours messing around in Unity.  That being said, I was mostly following a tutorial, though I did branch out and do some things on my own.  Here’s a link to the tutorial that I used, which is very easy to follow other than the Blender bits at the beginning for setting up the level:

In this project, the player can fire using the left click.  This performs a raycast and creates a bullet hole texture on the first object hit.  If the object has health, this will do some damage to it.  There’s some code in there to keep it from colliding with certain objects, as well as a cooldown to regulate fire speed.  The right mouse button fires a slower moving thermal detonator that is affected by gravity.  Thermal detonators will light any enemy they touch on fire and deal tons of damage to enemies (In this project, it will destroy it in one hit).

The blue enemies have no death animation – They are simply destroyed.  When the red enemies die, however, they explode with fireworks particles.  You could imagine this being a death animation if I were using models/animations.

The project has a sky box, which looks great, but is very simple in Unity.  The project uses C# for scripting.  I didn’t show it, but the player can also jump.

For Employers – My Links (Updated as Needed)

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Metoid: Other M Review

Metroid_Other_MGame Name: Metroid: Other M
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: Team Ninja
Platform: Nintendo Wii

Ever since I first played Super Metroid back when I was about 6 years old, I have been a huge Metroid fan. I have played every single Metroid game out there except for Metroid Pinball, which doesn’t really count as a Metroid game. With the exception of Metroid Prime 2: Corruption, I have thoroughly enjoyed every Metroid game (If a game has a dark world in it, there’s a good chance that I’m not going to like it). It is for this reason that I was a little bit shocked when I was disappointed by Metroid: Other M.

I had been watching videos and previews of the game since they started showing up on the internet, and I was extremely excited when I got Other M. When I started playing the game though, I was disappointed by how dark the scenery was (Albeit absolutely gorgeous when you COULD in fact see it… It was as if the developers didn’t want you to see just how good a job they did on the graphics).

Before I get too far into what I would change about the game, I do enjoy that they tied a ton of story into this game. Samus recalls her past multiple times, and it fleshes out her semi-mysterious back story. I was also happy with the fact that Samus could recharge her health if she was low enough, as well as her missiles (Which is especially helpful as enemies no longer drop items like they did in every other game). The cool action sequences / finisher moves are pretty sweet too, especially when you pull off a couple of them in sequence.

I’ve got to admit, I’m glad that Team Ninja tried to do something different to the Metroid series, but I feel that they didn’t pull it off in a smooth way. I mean, what’s with those so-called “detective sections” where you’re stationary and have to find one specific thing in the room, which is usually a tiny object? All those sections do is make players lose their suspension of disbelief because Samus sits there for so long (Or just makes them go to GameFAQs). Also, they could have done without those sections where the camera is behind Samus and you can’t run, fire, etc. I don’t really understand why these sections are even in the game.

I also hate the fact that the map doesn’t compensate for the levels being 3D. Metroid Prime did a GREAT job with this by making the map 3D as well. Why couldn’t this game do that?

Some other small things that bugged me about this game are the instant death quick time events and the reason that Samus “loses” her powers obtained in previous games. In this game she’s “not authorized to use them.” That’s just silly… Samus is a bounty hunter! Who cares if her old CO is in charge. And plus, why do things like her grapple beam have to be authorized?!

EDIT: Here‘s a link to Yahtzee’s Zero Punctuation review of Metroid: Other M.  I noticed virtually everything he said while playing the game except for the fact that the bottle ship ties in with the whole mother theme.

Game Design Challenge Site

My roommate came across this website when he learned that I wanted to be a game designer. I thought it was a really cool concept. They post a game design theme, and people submit game designs. They then select the best few game designs, and post the winners. While I haven’t submitted any game designs yet, I look forward to possibly having some time in the summer to more thoroughly investigate this site.

If I’m not mistaken, the link above links to this week’s current design challenge. The link to the site that contains these challenges can be found here. Just click on the current game design challenge (It’s currently the first major link).

Cool (And Funny) Design Video

If you are even remotely interested in game design, or are curious about what the future (IRL – In Real Life) holds, check this out!

I couldn’t find a perfect video of it, but here are two


Full video in one spot. Audio was not synced with video yesterday (But apparently it is today):

Video split into parts, but audio and video seemed fine (Make sure to watch parts 2 and 3 as well):