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Shadow of Mordor E3 CG Trailer

We released a CG trailer for E3 for Shadow of Mordor!



Be sure to check us out at E3!

Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer – Make Them Your Own

Monolith released another story trailer for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:



Also, you can now pre-order on Steam:

Shadow of Mordor – Weapons and Runes

Another video for Shadow of Mordor.  This time, learn about weapons and runes!


Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer And Release Date Announcement

Another trailer for the game I’m working on, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

Also, the release date was announced – October 7, 2014!

Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Video

Here is a gameplay video of the game that I’ve been working on at work:

Ctrl + Alt + Del did a comic about it:

And so did Penny Arcade:

Shadow of Mordor

This is the game that I’ve been working on at work:


Quest Complete: Get a Job as a Game Developer

Achievement Unlocked - Foot in the door


I did it!  I got a job working as a contracted design production assistant.  I’m technically contracted to WB Games, but I’m doing work for Monolith.  Next step: Work my way up to an FTE position!

New Game Engine

After taking a good amount of time to think about where I am in terms of my career, I have decided to quit my job as a QA tester and use the 40 hours a week that I would have been at work to program in an attempt to better my programming skills and land a programming job.  I will start by making an engine, which I will use to make a 2D game.  After that, I will either make a 3D game or start making tech demos of things that I want to show off to employers, like A* pathfinding, a 3D graphics demo, or something similar.

For Employers – My Links (Updated as Needed)

This page has moved to here:

Rock Band 3

Well, it’s finally out, so I can talk about it.  The game that I spent so many hours, many of which were OT hours, testing this summer was Rock Band 3 for the Wii.  I tested it for essentially the full duration of the project.  Now, I know you’re thinking that seems really awesome,but you have to think about testing the unfinished game, not playing the finished one.  For example, before all 1000+ DLC songs and all the regular songs were in, we had to test about 5 songs over and over again for 40 hours a week.

That being said, this was by far the best job I have ever had.  The company paid well, the facilities were amazing, and I actually enjoyed the game.  Also, the people that worked there were nice and fun to talk to while testing the game.  Thanks Foundation 9 Entertainment 🙂

Here’s a site with the credits (Including me – Ctrl + F for Kankiewicz):

Here’s the picture of me from the credits:

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