Shadow of Mordor – Weapons and Runes

Another video for Shadow of Mordor.  This time, learn about weapons and runes!


The Door Problem

I ran across this interesting page that explains what different disciplines in the games industry do:

The Door Problem

Shadow of Mordor Story Trailer And Release Date Announcement

Another trailer for the game I’m working on, Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor:

Also, the release date was announced – October 7, 2014!

Eight Button Game (Unity)

I was bored one day, so I decided to make the eight button from The Stanley Parable in Unity.  My remake of the eight button game is chock-full of exciting gameplay that will keep you occupied for hours on end!  You can download and play the web version here:




Or simply watch the extremely entertaining gameplay footage here:


Shadow of Mordor Gameplay Video

Here is a gameplay video of the game that I’ve been working on at work:

Ctrl + Alt + Del did a comic about it:

And so did Penny Arcade:

Shadow of Mordor

This is the game that I’ve been working on at work:


Quest Complete: Get a Job as a Game Developer

Achievement Unlocked - Foot in the door


I did it!  I got a job working as a contracted design production assistant.  I’m technically contracted to WB Games, but I’m doing work for Monolith.  Next step: Work my way up to an FTE position!

Fantastic Game Development Tutorials

I’ve been doing tons of research on video game development lately.  In particular, research on video game programming and design.  I thought I’d share a link to some very interesting articles/tutorials that I found:

Project Kassa Sound Test

My previous post was much more oriented towards Unity design, but this one is more oriented towards Unity programming.

This video shows my work on the start of a sound manager for a team that I am currently helping make a game in Unity.  Their blog can be found here:

This project uses multiple scripts, one for each behavior. This works all fine and good, but what would be better is one script that can be attached to any audio source. The user could then select the type and enter in the info needed for the type they chose. In the future, I will be reworking the code in this test project to work as such. Currently, there is functionality for 3D sound, like the music box, repeatable sounds, delayed sounds, sounds that only play once ever, and sounds that loop when the player is within a certain collision volume.  This was all done in Unity using C#.

Mountainous Environment in Unity

I decided to continue my work in Unity by making a snowy mountainous environment.  Here is a video:

And here are some screenshots: